Richard Cope
Richard is a Senior Trends Consultant, bringing the latest consumer trends to Mintel clients through bespoke presentations and represents Mintel at global conferences.

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day,

This morning we welcomed a broad range of Mintel clients to our offices to reveal our findings on the world of modern love and relationships in the Britain of 2014.

Lovers of Today

Richard Cope presentation

Richard Cope presenting on the ‘Lovers of Today’ at Mintel’s Big Conversation session at Mintel HQ in London

Our specially commissioned consumer research revealed how many times British consumers fall in love during their lifetimes – for 26% it’s once; for 8% it’s five times or more and for 7% it’s never. We also quantified the size of the UK singles market (some 14% of all consumers) and investigated how they search for partners and how their methods have changed in the past year. What’s clear is that, whilst the traditional social avenues of friends and work are declining as a means of finding a partner, paid for dating sites are growing in credibility and popularity as ‘the search’ becomes valued as a consumer service worth paying for.

We also saw some good coverage in the media today for the story from our press release, who have been keen to focus upon the correlations between wealth and the likelihood of falling in love, with press including The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Express and The Daily Mail all refuting The Beatles’ Can’t Buy Me Love supposition.

Our presentation also looked at how celebrity, informality and faster living are causing us to have more partners during our lifetimes and covered the commercial opportunities arising from a new generation of sexually active single Seniors, the growth of same Sex unions, dating and a new frankness towards sex. We’ve also taken a special look at how consumers are initiating and maintaining relationships in the digital era and ask whether we are being driven by appetite or anxiety.

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