Trend Observation: The Real Beauty Book

In Brazil, Dove is helping women value the diversity of different skin types.

Dove has created a campaign, called #Iwearskin, to relaunch its Dove body lotion line. The purpose of the campaign is to help women build self-confidence and value their own skin. The company has asked consumers all over Brazil to send pictures of their skin and the selected pictures are being made into a book. The result is a picture of Brazilian diversity with different ages and skin types represented.

Building self-confidence

We have seen how companies are encouraging consumers to build confidence, by not being intimidated to show their physical characteristics. In Brazil, Beleza Natural is inviting consumers to accept their curls and women in India have started a campaign to combat societal pressures to embrace fair skin.

In Brazil, consumers often use beauty and personal care products to build self-confidence. For instance 92% of deodorant users feel more confident when they wear a deodorant, according to Mintel’s Deodorant Brazil November 2012 report. And companies in Brazil have the opportunity to explore aspects related to self-confidence, especially in the bodycare segment, which is expected to show a consistent growth for the next few years, with a CAGR of 9.6% from 2012-16, according to Mintel’s GMN.

Showing consumers that their own physical characteristics are beautiful not only builds self-confidence but also helps the company strengthen its image and gain a loyal consumer base. There is room for more brands to use realistic advertising and break the beauty stereotype, just like Sephora’s first un-retouched make-up campaign.