In honor of Valentine’s Day – and anyone who may be looking for that special someone to spend the 14th with – I decided to share an interesting new study with the Mintel blog readers, in case Cupid and his arrows aren’t moving fast enough for you. found yet another difference in gender perception that upholds the long-held assumption that men are from Mars, while women hail from Venus. The study found that while men think women are attracted by gadgets like their cool, shiny smartphones, women are in fact wooed by more sensitive aspects of a man’s personality, like seeing him walking a puppy rather than surfing the web on his new iPhone. Men and women do however agree on how unattractive a Bluetooth headset makes you look to the opposite sex, as one third of men and women think the gadgets are a turnoff. The most interesting fact about this study is that Retrevo is itself a gadget website – do these findings impact on how technology products are marketed to each gender?