Grant Westbrook
SVP, Global Marketing Director, Mintel

Last time I looked at the most popular consumer trend. (Since I wrote this I have actually lost a few pounds so something must have rubbed off, beside the bodyfat…)

This time I’ve been looking at customer enagement in financial services. That was the theme of the Financial Services Forum conference held yesterday and I had a job to do.

What does engagement actually mean?

After dealing with the conundrum: What does engagement actually mean? (Everyone seems to have a slightly different view – something shared by some of the speakers as well.) Myself and Toby Clark put together a little film to kick off the event. It’s called “It’s hard to be interested when you feel helpless.” The title is a direct quote from one of the people interviewed for the film.

The film includes footage of interviews with people at the Occupy London site at St Pauls. None of those in the film are actually protesters, they are people we found who were observing or walking by. While some of the protesters camping outside St. Paul declined our interview request, it turned out that the people passing by captured public sentiment perfectly

The film highlights some key consumer data surrounding Financial Services brands, companies and marketing. It looks at some of the major issues which need to be overcome to encourage consumer interaction and involvement and finally, it gives some opinion as to how we think leaders in the finance world can tackle this issue.

I would love to know what you think. What are your thoughts on how to engage customers in financial services?