Swiss company Algordanza compresses the ashes of human remains into custom memorial diamonds.

The diamond creation process involves chemists extracting the carbon of human remains, heating it to convert it into graphite and then compressing it for several weeks at 1500°C. The diamonds are typically a bluish colour and can be engraved with a message. The company creates an average of 850 gems each year, with a quarter of orders coming from Japan.

“Don’t hold on just to your memories. Move on together, create new experiences, and keep your loved one presently close to your heart.”
– Algordanza website

You’ll be with me always

Consumers are discussing death more openly as the world’s population lives longer and grows older. According to the US Census Bureau, the current number of annual deaths is 57 million, but by 2040, that number will reach 80 million.

More and more people are choosing to be cremated after death, a process that’s even taking place in a mobile crematorium in India. While they may not be leaving their bodies behind, many people are leaving behind digital wills, digital footprints and Twitter accounts that keep on tweeting.

Other innovations are keeping death top of mind for the living, so that consumers can make the most of the present. One website reminds you how many times you’ll likely see your parents before they die while a new alarm clock wakes you up with your projected life expectancy.

Consumers are looking for more ways to memorialise their loved ones in physical ways. While the classic tombstone or the urn of ashes both offer a physical presence of a loved one, the diamonds from Algordanza are items that consumers can take with them. Meanwhile, consumers are also looking for ways to keep legacies alive in this digital age, creating plenty of opportunity for companies to develop digital services for those who have died.

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