In a world split between health and indulgence, PepsiCo is making quite a name for itself, seemingly doing the impossible in terms of health, innovating in a number of directions, and doing it on a global scale.

As an organization, PepsiCo makes a distinction between its better-for-you and fun-for-you offerings, and has stated goals to markedly increase its development of the former.

Mintel Drink Analyst, Sarah Theodore, has taken a look at one such effort, as PepsiCo begins test marketing its Tropicana Tropolis snacks for kids in the US as part of its astoundingly intriguing strategy to “snackify beverages and drinkify snacks.”

  • The company, quite simply, aims to increase fruit consumption by “making fruit fun.”

In doing this, the company is blurring categories and concepts. And this concept has been successful in other markets, as Sarah points out.

Planet Lunch Squeezable Fruit and Innocent Fruit Squeezies have been successful in the past. Additionally, the format offers a level of convenience that can’t be found in nature. Innocent’s Mangoes and Pineapple include fruit content, but also a level of convenience that far surpasses the fruit in its natural form.

This type of blurring of snacks and drinks is intriguing, but blurring is becoming part of the norm. We’ve noted a number of categories that are mixing together, helping manufacturers create new hybrid categories and concepts that can take on different benefits, and lost past baggage.

Coconut water can take on properties of water, juice or sports drinks.

Sunny Delight’s Fruit20 Essentials is a “fruit-flavored water that combines fruit combinations. Contrast this with Fuze Slenderize Tropical Punch Beverage, which is a juice.

Of course, we also have juice-based shots, which are creeping into energy-shot territory. And we have vegetable-based pasta, which is vying to replace the fascination with whole grains.

The bottom line is that categories are not fixed. There’s ample room to abolish category limitations by blending concepts and ideas. Consumers are looking for new ideas and they want to experience health, especially, in ways that make it easier and fun. Of course, we’ve also seen examples of “sandwichifying” entrees, as the Double Down did for KFC. Maybe a little too far? Or maybe not…