Trend Observation: Larger than Life

IKEA has installed an oversized apartment in Hall 2 of the Gare de Lyon in Paris allowing those passing through to relive their childhood days.

The installation measures 100 square meters and includes items such as a super-sized dining table and chairs as well as a giant sofa that people can sit on and interact with.

I feel just like a child

Consumers are often less than enamoured with the travelling experience. Indeed, we’ve seen rising consumer dissatisfaction across a number of modes of transport around the globe.

As a result, we’ve seen public transport as well as transport venues and hubs introduce entertaining and practical additions in order to improve the quality of experience of those passing through: from ways to help them make the most of their travel time to exercise equipment on train platforms and even sleeping pods in airports.

At the same time, consumers’ lives are faster-paced than ever. This has led to a demand for products and services that help people let loose and embrace their inner child.

IKEA’s new installation speaks to both these movements. It provides consumers with a fun way to spend their time before boarding a train while interacting with IKEA items that they may not have encountered before. And this taps into a large potential consumer base. According to figures from Eurostat cited in Mintel’s Rail Tourism Industry (The) Europe May 2012 report, France’s rail network carried 132 million passengers over 88,610 million passenger-kilometres in 2009 – the most recent figures available.

Other brands would do well to look for creative and playful ways they can get their products and services out to new markets in ways that benefit or simplify the lives of already stressed consumers.

For a deep and complete analysis of the current situation of consumers and their lifestyles, Mintel published the following market research: Rail Tourism Industry (The) in France.
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