Simon Moriarty
Simon is the EMEA Director of Trends, responsible for content, client servicing and commercial support across the region.

I attended a digital marketing trends briefing this morning – some interesting examples and ideas that I thought it would be worth sharing. It’s crucial to keep on top of what’s going on in the digital world and to see how brands and consumers alike are exploiting the opportunities available online.

The key messages were about understanding client collaboration, how to make the client experience more joined up (not giving them the same message twice, but the key message in the most effective way); how to make what we (as a brand) give clients useful for them, wherever they are (rather than expecting them to come to us); to constantly iterate, and constantly learn from testing; and to exploit the power of disaggregating content and allowing users to reaggregate it themselves.

The briefing was organised by EConsultancy and the speaker was Neil Perkin.

  • The WWF is doing something interesting: an unobtrusive file format that gets people thinking green.
  • French Connection is taking advantage of YouTube ‘annotations’ – being able to click through individual videos – to encourage interaction with the brand – creating a ‘Youtique’.
  • Flipboard allows iPad users to create their own magazines pulling together content from around the web based on what their friends and contacts are sharing.
  • Levi’s has also focused on the power of consumers connecting with their friends and how peer influence can be crucial in the commercial world.
  • Gilt is also using the online space but is focusing on exclusivity – it’s an invitation-only clothing retailer.
  • This is interesting: WhipCar allows people to rent their neighbours’ cars if they’re not in use – using the internet and the idea of sharing, but also focusing on facilitation – giving people options to meet their needs.
  • Similarly, AirBNB gives people the chance to find rooms to stay around the world, sharing with ‘real’ people and disrupting the usual models of booking short- or long-term accomodation online. Again, all about facilitation.
  • SeeClickFix works on the three principles of Empowerment, Efficiency and Engagment and encourages people to report and track how issues in their neighbourhoods are being dealt with (or not).
  • The People’s Supermarket rewards members for working in-store and in return gets an inexpensive workforce.
  • GiffGaff is a user-run mobile network that works within an established, private brand’s (O2) operations…
  • The Fiat Mio is a ‘user-generated’ car.
  • Kickstarter allows people to follow and fund innovative ideas across the web.
  • Zynga and Chromaroma both highlight the power of gaming as a way of creating connections and engagement.