Outfittery is a Berlin-based menswear delivery service that provides men with boxes of clothes picked out by style experts.

The service starts with a short visual questionnaire in which men select photographs of the styles that most match their personal life, their work life and the style direction they’d like to go in. Men also provide their sizes and measurements, report their typical fit problems, upload photos of their styles and outline their price range. Boxes of clothing items are then assembled by a style expert and sent to men to try on. Whatever items they don’t want can be returned for free.

Outfittery is currently available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but after receiving more funding from investors, is set to expand through more of Europe.

Helping me reach my fashion goals

Many of today’s consumers are looking for help in finding fashions that fit their personal style – especially those consumers who are on a tight schedule.

New companies and established retailers alike are responding to this consumer need, developing services that streamline the process of bringing consumers’ style to the next level. The Outfittery business model has also found success in the US, where Trunk Club is helping men find the right fits and Stitch Fix is helping women. One fashion service in Russia is hand delivering its pieces so the couriers can give customers feedback when they try items on.

Mintel’s Clothing Retailing Germany October 2013 report found that only 32% of German shoppers had not bought clothes online in the past year. Leading the pack of online retailers was Amazon with 26% of shoppers saying they’d bought clothing from the website in the past year, making it the third most popular retailer overall, in-store or online.

Around the world, we’re seeing men focus more on their style, carrying ‘manbags’ and even outspending women in some cases. This presents an opportunity for retailers to demonstrate their expertise by guiding their male consumers towards better taste. Men will likely appreciate expert help that breaks fashion down to its basic guidelines so more men can take charge of their wardrobes.