Where’s My Pizza?

Two pizzerias in Paraguay slowed down their service in an attempt to raise awareness about those affected by hunger.

 dog remote

 Press Paws

DogTV is an eight-hour block of programming designed to keep dogs entertained and stimulated while their owners are at work.


 Is That a Starbucks?

Starbucks Russia recently handed out branded cup sleeves to customers outside rival coffee chains allowing them to pretend they bought their drink at Starbucks.

 doctor pink pen

 The Gendered Pen

BIC’s ‘For Her’ pens are generating a torrent of mocking Amazon reviews.

 cuddle couple

 Cuddle Cafe

Japan has launched its first “co-sleeping specialty shop” where customers can purchase cuddling.

 famous on twitter


A website called Fame offers a different user each day the chance to have a massive Twitter following.

 multicolored paint

If These Walls Could Cough

A Colombian company launches an antibacterial paint.

 computer smash

 Violently Happy

The Break Club allows people to smash computers, TVs and bottles for stress relief.

 cardboard box open

 Packing Furniture

One furniture company has redesigned its product packaging to be reused in the home.

 phone stack


Phone Jenga

Phone Stacking is a new game that encourages good table manners.