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Swept to the Side

Public opinion polling shows that the economy is foremost in the minds of American consumers and many believe that Corporate America and the government are to blame for the downturn. Such perceptions may have considerably more influence on the brand and channel decisions of consumers than sustainability and hence are important considerations for those who market “green” products and services.




Digging Down

The UK’s first underground convenience store will open in May 2012.qr

QR What?

30% of US consumers don’t understand what a QR code is even though 72% have seen one.girl

Protection in Heels

Growing numbers of Chinese women are choosing to become bodyguards.train

Free Train

The New South Wales (NSW) government is considering a proposal to offer free train travel before 7am, in an effort to ease congestion on the city’s overcrowded trainswaste

Sainsbury’s Digests Waste

Sainsbury’s has signed an agreement that will see its food waste turned into renewable energy.