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Summer of Love

With just two months to go until the start of London Olympics and only a few days until the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, British brands are getting ready for a busy summer.



Give it a Punt

The town of Clones in County Monaghan, Ireland is bringing back the pre-euro currency, the Punt.


Every Last Drop

MIT researchers have created a new form of bottle coating technology that allows the contents to glide out.


A Marvelous Marriage

The X-Men comic series has become the first mainstream superhero comic to feature a same-sex marriage.


A Magic Carpet

Norweigan designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen has created a rug that can change colour depending on the surrounding temperature allowing the owner to display multiple looks in one room.


Identity in an Instant

Scotland Yard will soon be equipping its officers with handheld fingerprint scanners.