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Cracking the QR code

Yeah, those black and white pixelated squares. What are they again?



hand sketch

Room for Art

The Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden allows its guests to pay their bill with art.







teapot flowers

Blooming Marvellous

A design student from the National University of Singapore has created medicines that dissolve in a glass of water like an origami flower.




women dining

Goddess of Good Times

Applebee’s has launched an ad campaign encouraging women to take a break from social networking and hang out in real life with their girlfriends.




skate park

Converse to the Rescue

Converse has launched a global campaign called Fix to Ride which aims to renovate and revive derelict skate parks.



organic groceries money


I’ve Done Enough

A new study has found that consumers who eat organic food are less altruistic than those who don’t.