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Kids playing video games

Generation Play

Mollycoddled by their own parents, the current generation of young parents are now raising a cohort of ‘cotton wool kids.’





Green living room

A Room for All Seasons

Neffa has created a living wall concept with a pattern that transforms from season to season.




Woman drinking coffee in trunk

Espressos on the Expressway

Fiat is introducing in-car espresso makers in its 500L range of vehicles.




Kid's hand with band aid

Is It Time Yet?

The AmoeBAND is an adhesive band-aid concept that can be customized to fit the damaged area and will change color when it needs to be replaced.




man exercising with smartphone

Look at Your LifeWatch

A new smartphone can measure everything from the user’s heart rhythm, to blood glucose level, to body fat index.





Audi cars

An Interactive Experience

Audi has opened its first interactive digital car showroom in London.