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In a digital world where the tangible is vanishing, some consumers are elevating the value of physical goods.

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 multiethnic kids


Raising Bicultural Kids

Culture will play a big role in how Hispanic and Black Millennials are raising their children.



dating bar

 Real Life Meet Ups

Online dating sites are beginning to host more real life events for singles to meet in person.

 flag politician

 I Want Info

The Super PAC app uses audio recognition technology to identify and verify political advertisements.

 asian seniors

 Home for Foreigners

A multilingual elderly group home that caters to foreign residents has opened in Kobe, Japan.


 The Family Doctor is Back

The concept of the family doctor is resurfacing in India, but is being modelled along the lines of a retail chain.


 Cleaning with Dirt

Starbucks Hong Kong is working to turn its coffee and food waste into laundry detergent or bioplastic.