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The UnFairer Sex

The UnFairer Sex

The gender gap still exists—in surprising ways—but women are coming together to challenge and change the status quo.

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Millennial parents and grocery shopping

Back in the Box

Think Millennials don’t shop at big box stores? Those who are parents do.


Woman pen

The Gendered Pen

BIC’s ‘For Her’ pens are generating a torrent of mocking Amazon reviews.

Healthy food

Your Daily Healthy Deal

Zipongo is a new daily deals site that helps shoppers purchase healthy foods at a lower cost.


A is for Applebee’s

US restaurant chain Applebee’s will transform its outlets into nightclubs as soon as darkness falls.

Kid cooking oil

Max-imized Nutrition

In Colombia, Sigra launches a cooking oil aimed at childhood health.

Bicycle seat

Upscale Cycles

High-end bicycles are gaining popularity among Chinese consumers.