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dad feeding baby

Millennial Meal

Short on time and money, Millennial parents are looking for value, convenience and customisable products that help feed their young family.





skull music

The Day the Music Died

A recent hoax claimed that the US actor Bruce Willis was planning to take legal action to ensure his iTunes library passes to his children after his death.








The Cult of Elmo

Elmo has the power to affect children’s preference for healthy snack foods.






Karaoke Breathalyzer

Brazil’s Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz has installed a breathalyzer in the microphone of its karaoke machine in a humorous bid to prevent drunk driving.








When You Walk Away

A new app turns off your computer screen when you step away, reducing energy consumption.





Use It or Lose It

Twenty-one million adults (45%) in the UK have bought DIY tools which they never or hardly ever use.