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Driving Brand Interaction

The recession forced automakers to rethink how to engage with consumers and social media has created positive brand interaction in a difficult environment.




 Fresher Hospital Grub

A Michigan hospital has added an holistic element to its healing by installing a greenhouse garden on its rooftop which will help feed its patients.


 The Perfect Barbecue Companion

In Brazil, Skol 360º is launching a magazine ad to show the “barbecueability” of the brand.

 farmer love

 Love in the Fields

Weed Dating is a practice that combines speed dating and collaborative farming in hope of helping young, rural US agriculturists find love.


 The Life of a Fry

McDonald’s Canada has released a video detailing exactly how the chain’s French fries are made.


Smart Highway

By mid-2013, the Netherlands will have glow-in-the-dark roads in a bid to improve safety.