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Sharing the Health

Social media is helping consumers to monitor their health, discuss it more openly, as well as allowing them to tap in to expert information and peer support for fitness and diet motivation.



I Smell a Rat

Citizens of the South African township Alexandra will be given a free phone for every 60 rats they catch in a bid to control their rodent problem.


Bugged Out

A restaurant in Marin County, California is shouting about its cockroach problem.


You Decide

YouEarnedit is a platform that allows people to reward their colleagues with points that can then be cashed in for prizes.


Enjoy your Soundwich

Soundwich in Porto, Portugal sells sandwiches in musical boxes.


Yamaha’s Techno-Girls

Japanese motorbike company’s India arm has hired 200 women to run its assembly line for scooters at its plant in Uttar Pradesh.