Delon Wang
Delon is Trends Manager, Asia Pacific at Mintel. He oversees Trends content and Trends client servicing for the region.

Each quarter, the Mintel Trends team identifies the top consumer trends set to impact the Asia Pacific region and discusses them in detail during the ‘Top Trends in Asia-Pacific’ webinar series. Here, we share one of these trends expected to play out over the coming months.


To pique consumer interest, brands are experimenting with temporary spaces in unexpected places.

The popularity of pop-up stores has been gaining traction across Asia Pacific as they offer dynamism in today’s retail scene. Though no longer a new concept, pop-ups have proven to be a successful and effective form of advertising and marketing.

According to Mintel’s Marketing to Teens China 2016 report, close to two in five Chinese teens say that they are placed under high levels of pressure, while over in Australia, nearly the same number of metro Australian consumers say reducing their stress levels is their top priority for 2017. As stress levels are on the rise in Asia Pacific, consumers are turning to fun and leisure activities to unwind—an area where experiential pop-up events can be leveraged.

In Chongqing, China, MixC and M’S Door jointly ran the Ice Cream Clinic, a pop-up installation that aimed to treat people’s ‘illnesses’ with doses of ice cream. The Ice Cream Clinic featured four separate rooms, with each boasting its own individual theme that intended to treat specific ‘illnesses’. Meanwhile, consumers in Sydney, Australia were recently able to enjoy a one-of-a-kind movie experience with the limited-time-only ‘Hot Tub Cinema’ that took place at a ‘trendy space’ that was 15-minutes from the hustle and bustle of the Central Business District.

Consumers are looking to create moments of joy in tangible experiences with these extra activities that pop-ups offer. By setting up temporary retail spaces, brands are able to use them as a testing ground for new product ranges, creating a new brand image or showcasing limited edition launches. Additionally, the exclusivity and time limitations of pop-ups can attract the attention of consumers and encourage them to share their experiences with others, and therefore, make an impact on social networks.

Mintel’s ‘Top Trends in Asia Pacific’ quarterly webinar series features Mintel Trends analysts sharing the research and evidence behind key consumer trends, providing examples of how leading-edge brands are already responding to trends, and offering recommendations for how companies can plug into the strategy.

Delon Wang is Trends Manager, Asia Pacific at Mintel. He oversees Trends content and Trends client servicing for the region.