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Hotspots brings you the Mintel Trends team’s top observations on product and service launches from around the world. From carbon footprint labels on food products to a campaign with a “moving on kit” designed to help people get over former lovers, find out the most innovative global initiatives happening this month.

Indonesia – Say Goodbye with Google

Google launched a Valentine’s Day campaign in Indonesia to help singles purge themselves of any memories of a former lover. The ‘Yuk Move On’ (‘Let’s Move On’) campaign showcases how nine Google apps can help singles “move on” from a past relationship. At the heart of the campaign is an online film starring Indonesian actress Vanesha Prescilla looking sullenly at a couple in love, inspiring her to delete pictures of her ex, which were quickly identified via Google Photos’ facial recognition function. She then used Google Files to get rid of all the “cute memes and videos” shared between them. To launch the campaign, Google also distributed a “Moving On Kit” to Indonesia’s top single influencers and YouTubers, encouraging them to try Google apps and share their “moving on” stories.

While the focus is usually to target couples on Valentine’s Day, challenging the cliché of marketing to couples by focusing on singletons instead can be a way for brands to stand out. Google has tapped into one of its more frequently searched keywords in Indonesia – ‘cara move on’ (‘how to move on’) – to develop this particular campaign. By using a universal emotion that many can relate to, the campaign is able to playfully promote its suite of services to an increasingly tech-savvy generation of consumers.

Melanie Nambiar  – Southeast Asia Trends Analyst

US – Make Black History

TikTok is promoting popular Black creators on its platform for Black History Month. Promoted on a banner within TikTok’s Discover tab, creators can use the hashtag #MakeBlackHistory and new stickers to add to their videos. TikTok will also be hosting a #MakeBlackHistory Creator Summit with content highlighted under the hashtag, ranging from artistic and cultural celebration to facts about Black history that are little known or may have been erased.

TikTok is not using the campaign or creators to sell anything related to the platform or partnered brands; it’s just amplifying the creators’ visibility. TikTok is also not prescribing the content that should be created under the hashtag, rather it’s just offering a dedicated space for creators to create freely. Also, we know that Black creators are the foundation of nearly every aspect of meme culture, which drives contemporary brand social strategies and cultural touchstone engagements. For platforms to ignore that fact during a month to celebrate these creators would be a massive missed opportunity.

Alex Milinazzo – Trends Analyst, North America

UK – Carbon-labelled Quorn

Quorn has introduced carbon footprint labelling on its products with an entire rollout set for 2021. The ‘farm to shop’ carbon footprint data has been certified by the Carbon Trust making the brand the first meat-free food manufacturer to receive third-party certification of its figures. The information is designed to make it easier for consumers to understand the environmental impact of the shopping choices. The label now appears on Quorn’s top 30 selling products when shopping online.

Climate change is top of mind for more consumers as the impact becomes more visible. Consumers evaluate their purchasing habits and behaviours to become more eco-friendly, and brands are supporting them along the way. As a result pledges to cut carbon emissions are being made across numerous industries but consumers need help on a more day-to-day level. Consumers are becoming more aware of the link between food or transport choice and climate change so more brands are providing information on packs, menus and when booking flights.

Helen Fricker  – EMEA Trends Manager

China – Online Premiere

Lunar New Year movie Lost in Russia premiered on the Douyin app as theatre screenings have been cancelled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The film is available for free on Douyin for a limited time, although the platform has paid $91 million (RMB630 million) for streaming rights.

As fears of the COVID-19 outbreak escalate, many people are opting to stay in the comfort of their homes as a measure to protect themselves. Chinese consumers are no strangers to digital technologies, so moving a film screening to the smaller screens is indeed a strategic move. For film makers and distributors, online distribution offers a wider reach to different audience profiles, including those whom films would not traditionally reach in theatrical releases. Data collected from online screenings also helps filmmakers, distributors and brand partners to better understand their audience, in order to create content and communication that resonate with their target markets.

Joyce Lam – Trends Analyst, Asia Pacific

Peru – All Channels Lead To Love

Pantene used augmented reality (AR) to invite consumers to express their self-love in a digital live action during a concert. For the pre-event, consumers were asked to share self-love messages on a landing page. For the event day, the brand equipped the location venue with offline interactive stations, augmented reality installations and a photo sharing app where consumers shared their selfies with a self-love hashtag. The pictures were exhibited on a giant screen behind the stage. The activation generated high engagement from consumers in all steps: the pre-event gathered over 7,800 love messages and, for the event itself, the number of people was even higher.

In the wake of the self-love and body positive movements, consumers demand brands from the beauty sector cast empowering messages that boost users’ self-esteem instead of triggering bad feelings. Beauty and personal care brands are finding the need to update their outreach strategy. At the same time, as markets become more crowded and competitive, businesses are forced to occupy every single communication channel in order to be seen. Pantene’s campaign adds an entertaining spin to the multichannel demands of the current era in a bid to improve consumer engagement across channels.

Vanessa Rondine – LATAM Senior Trends Analyst