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Spacing Out, South Korea

Set in a park in Seoul, Relax Your Brain is an annual ‘Space Out’ competition aimed at promoting relaxation among locals and visitors. The competition has around 60 contestants, who have to spend 90 minutes in a public park without sleeping, eating, talking or using any electronic devices. The winner was determined as whoever had the most stable heart rate during the event.

Consumers across the world are trying to ‘switch off’ and escape the stresses that come with being connected. As consumers increasingly look for ways to relax and reconnect with the world around them, there is definite opportunity for companies that can help them to disconnect.”

Delon Wang – Manager of Trends, Asia Pacific

Space out seoul


Hillarymoji, US

US-based Tanooki Labs created Hillary Clinton emojis that are available on a new iOS keyboard called Hillarymoji. The emoji app is free to download and includes a “Donate” button to entice users to contribute to Clinton’s campaign. Creators of the emoji app are working to attract the younger generation and encourage their political engagement.

“Consumers are increasingly using visual media to communicate with friends and loved ones. As the use of emojis increases, brands have an opportunity to connect with consumers in a more personal way. Especially with the use of emojis being described as the fastest-growing form of language, brands that partake in this form of communication will be able to more effectively convey their message.”

Carli Gernot – Manager of Trends, North America

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Nailed It, UK

Lucie Davis – a BA student in jewellery design at Central Saint Martins in London – has created a set of false nails that can double as a TfL Oyster card. Davis has contacted TfL about rolling the design out on a wider scale to the public.

“The process of making payments is one area that has seen a raft of innovation of late, with contactless cards becoming increasingly popular. This technology is evolving from card-based systems: we’ve seen payment systems integrated everywhere from phone cases to clothing. With convenience a key issue for today’s consumers, we’re set to see a growing demand for wearable devices that can simplify how people navigate through life.”

Catherine Cottney – Manager of Trends, Europe

ouyster card nails


Jamie’s Brazilian Twist, Brazil

Cold cut brand Sadia and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver have joined forces to disseminate food education across schools in Brazil. The partnership aims to help arm future generations with the life skills they need to lead healthier, happier, more productive lives—helping growing rates of child obesity and undernourishment become a thing of the past.

The demand for healthy food is growing in Brazil as consumers are seeking healthier food options. At a time when consumers are increasingly cost-conscious, brands that educate consumers on easy and affordable ways to not just eat but also cook healthy, yet tasty meals, are likely to gain consumers’ trust and support.”

Graciana Mendez – Trends Analyst, Latin America

Jamie oliver brazil


Mobilizing Organ Donor Registration, US

US-based Apple and its newly announced partner, Donate Life America, are working to make it easier for millions of Americans to register as organ donors through a new Health app feature on the iPhone. Apple is integrating donor registration in its new operating system. The upcoming iOS update will come with a new feature in the Health app that gives consumers the option to enroll in the national donor registry.

“Consumers are increasingly using shortcuts for various aspects of their lives including health and wellness. With this knowledge, Apple is not only working to fulfill its mission in transforming people’s lives, it’s also leveraging consumers’ interest in interacting with their mobile phones for health reasons.”

Iliana Alvarenga – Trends Analyst, North America



Rimmel Get the Look, UK

UK-based Rimmel has released an augmented reality app called Get the Look. The app is a 3D make-up simulation app that allows people to take a picture of any make-up look and try it on themselves. The make-up look could be on their friend, from a magazine or even a billboard, and through augmented reality can be ‘tried on’.

“According to Mintel’s Colour Cosmetics UK 2016 report, a third of women say that one of the biggest frustrations when using or wearing make-up is that the colour does not match their skin tone. Apps like Get the Look could alleviate this frustration by allowing women to try different tones on until they find the correct one within the app, and then purchase it as a result. Augmented reality could be extremely useful for sectors and industries where consumers would ideally like to try before they buy.”

Alex Strang – Trends Analyst, Europe

Rimmel london