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Coaster Movie, Malaysia

Tiger Beer Malaysia has launched a film crowdsourced and produced by regular bar-goers using beer coasters. Customers from bars all across Malaysia were encouraged to pen their creative ideas for the film on beer coasters, submitting plot ideas to stand a chance of seeing their work on the big screen. Participants eventually collaborated to form a 14-minute movie, which launched in December 2015.

“Tiger Beer’s Tiger White campaign is definitely an innovative method of creating marketing buzz, especially in a competitive market for alcoholic beverages such as Malaysia. In today’s world of social influencers, bloggers and anonymous creative designers, it is no wonder that brands are no longer solely relying on celebrities to endorse their products. Thanks to the penetration of the internet and social networks, regular consumers are now the ones becoming overnight sensations; as such, modern audiences are always looking forward to the discovery of the latest social taste-maker and finding out new talent on the internet.”

Delon Wang – Manager of Trends, Asia Pacific



My Own Private Billboard, Brazil

Porto Alegre-based communications agency Paim is turning people’s insights into famous quotes. Paim set up a billboard inviting people to share their most inspiring thoughts through the agency’s social media platforms. Eleven quotes were chosen and printed on 11 billboards, which were then spread around Porto Alegre. Once the campaign was over, the billboard materials were used to create 100 school folders which in turn were donated to a charity as Christmas presents for children.

“We’ve seen how the digital world is enabling new ways to make a difference and brands are capitalizing to make their ethical endeavors as personal as possible. Today, people expect to have things made to match their own style, personality and morphology and Paim’s initiative has taken ethical efforts a step further by involving personalization in the process. We all know that consumers often struggle to find time to give back to the community, but mobile platforms can certainly streamline the process of getting involved in moral causes and offer new ways to make them more personal and meaningful.”

Graciana Mendez – Trends Analyst, Latin America



Roll With It, UK

UK theme park Alton Towers has announced it will be launching a virtual reality rollercoaster. During this ride, headset wearers take on the role of “a “Galactanaut” for a “space tourism company”. Wearers are launched into orbit and experience 3.5Gs – the same force astronauts actually feel during launch. They also encounter drops of 66 ft and speeds of 47mph.

“Once limited to science fiction novels and films, virtual reality devices are now a commonplace sight in everyday life. Such devices offer consumers a chance to experience new sensations and situations with the minimum of hassle, as well as providing brands with a way to engage shoppers in a fun and playful manner. The Galactica at Alton Towers has been created to tap into this trend, and will surely appeal to theme park attendees looking for new innovations at the park.”

Catherine Cottney – Manager of Trends, Europe



Nap Anywhere, US

California-based Hypnos has created a hoodie with a discreet inflatable pillow hidden in its hood. The successfully funded Kickstarter project comes in three colors and a fitted or relaxed fit.

“When it comes to sleep, consumers are more in tune with rest’s role in overall health. Indeed almost half of US women say getting enough sleep is among the most important factors in achieving good health. A hooded sweatshirt that allows wearers to comfortably nap wherever they are is bound to appeal to consumers who value their sleep. Because consumers value informal, casual environments and atmospheres, companies will do well to continue innovating products and services that meet these relaxed criteria. Integrating items or devices that help an individual relax, nap, or find comfort, regardless of where he or she is, may prove successful for brands and makers.”

Carli Gernot – Manager of Trends, North America



Be Cool, Drink Less, Global

Heineken’s new global ad campaign says cool men drink less. The campaign shows interviews with women claiming that they prefer men who drink in moderation.

Heineken’s campaign seemingly goes against the usual race for profit, in that it actually encourages viewers to drink less of Heineken products. Brands should consider how this honest approach can resonate with consumers, who see a brand looking out for their own health rather than one just concerned with profit.”

Alex Strang – Trends Analyst, Europe

MDW Key Visual


Smart Home Egg, China

In China, Xiaomi has set up an egg-shaped pop-up experimental store in Beijing to demonstrate its smart home products. Designed by start-up All Moving Space, the egg-shaped portable installation provides 20 square meters of display space and can be disassembled and reassembled within 24 hours. After the initial campaign in Beijing, Xiaomi is planning to launch the smart home egg in other cities in China.

“As everything goes online, consumers are craving more human interaction with brands. Especially when it comes to new products, tangible experiences help shoppers feel confident about their purchases. We’ve spotted brands around the world coming up with cool promotional campaigns that help to create direct interaction and engagement with consumers, be it by bringing consumers into well-designed showcase spaces or leveraging new technology to create a virtual immersive experience. In order to engage with products, as well as enhance brand loyalty, companies should provide consumers with integrated experiences rather than single products—meanwhile, brands could also leverage new design and technology to create truly memorable and effective touch points.”

Philix Liu – Trends Analyst, Asia Pacific



Bra Truck, US

San Francisco-based lingerie company True & Co has created a mobile lingerie shop with “fit therapists,” a lingerie display and fitting rooms that are all designed to help consumers find the perfect and proper-fitting bra. The truck is slated to stop at a variety of US locations.

“Convenience and expertise are two key opportunities that retailers can focus on to give consumers an enjoyable and fruitful shopping experience. By providing expert advice, a convenient location and a casual setting, consumers will likely have fun shopping and remember their experience, recalling the brand in a positive way.”

Jamie Barrar – Trends Analyst, North America

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