As I have just returned from an Insights trip to India (we presented at the Reformulation India conference, ran an ideation workshop and introduced Mintel’s CPG Trends for 2011 to a number of clients), I thought it might be appropriate to provide a few insights about the glorious land that is India.


  • Has a population of over 1.2 billion people. This is four times the size of the US
  • More than 300 languages are spoken across the country
  • India’s economy is the 11th largest in the world and is the fourth largest by purchasing power parity
  • India has had an average annual GDP growth rate of 5.8% for the past two decades and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world
  • India’s GDP will overtake that of Japan in 2011 and by 2045, India’s GDP will surpass that of the United States
  • Since 1985 India’s economic growth has taken 431 million Indians out of poverty and by 2030 India’s middle class population will rise to more than 580 million people
  • 41% of India’s population is currently aged under 21
  • India’s consumer market is expected to become the 5th largest by 2030
  • India has the worlds fastest growing telecommunications industry and the worlds second fastest growing automobile industry, with domestic sales increasing by 26% during the 2009-10 period
  • India’s Tata Nano is the world’s cheapest car, priced at around $2200. A European-ised version is set to be launched across European markets
  • The value of India’s IPL brand (the rapid fire cricket format) more than doubled from 2009 to 2010. In 2009 the sporting business brand was valued at $2.01 billion and sky rocketed to $4.13 billion in 2010
  • Across 2002 Bollywood sold 3.6 billion cinema tickets, whereas Hollywood only sold 2.6 billion

The complex puzzle that is India holds a wealth of potential for brands taking a global perspective. The challenge lies in truly understanding how your business fits as a piece of the puzzle and making it work in one of the most rich, complicated and diverse societies on the planet.

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