Simon Moriarty
Simon is the EMEA Director of Trends, responsible for content, client servicing and commercial support across the region.

A concept that is talked about more and more in digital and social marketing circles is that of ‘gamification‘ – all about engaging with consumers through the power of play.

More and more brands have tapped into the power of fun and gaming, via social networks (Farmville on Facebook), iPhone apps, ‘real world’ events such as T-Mobile flashmobs, and many more.

But the interesting thing about gamification is the juxtaposition of gaming and non-traditional game spaces; in other words, getting people to play games in places they normally wouldn’t (a retailer’s website, for example), or associating gaming with concepts that don’t initially seem to fit (Chromaroma merges commuting and gaming).

And the opportunities are expansive: advertising in online games, brands becoming more prominent in video games than on cinema or TV screens, greater interactivity and engagement through develpments in technology such as the Kinect.

It doesn’t have to be anything complex either: we’re looking at new ways to engage with our own clients by bringing elements of playfulness into our products and working on ideas of how to get people physically interacting with our data – building blocks and puzzles made out of infographic market size charts for a start…

After all, we’re not just about data. We want to be able to tell the story behind that data…and what better way to make a story memorable than to build games around it?