In The LOOP Magazine

Loop is here. For those readers who haven’t been paying attention, today we launched Loop, a new, limited edition, creative tome that contains 116 pages of original Mintel content based around our 3 core specialism’s of Innovation, Markets & the consumer.

I can honestly say that it has been a massive pleasure working on Loop. It was something everyone in the company was involved in from all our global offices.

The concept was originally discussed about 14 months ago, and planning started about 8 months ago with Mark Terry from Etcx3 and Alex and team at SabotagePKG. The concept was clear – we wanted to show people both internally and externally the depth of content and data at Mintel. We wanted to focus on our areas of expertise, not product names. We wanted to show our data in a way people wanted to read and view it. We wanted to showcase the creativity and passion that people at Mintel hold for the company they work for.

All this has been achieved (we think) and this publication, supported by a microsite with gaming options, has been posted today to our clients. It’s an exciting day.

We hope our clients get involved as there are plenty of things they could get involved with – there are competitions (our client Olympic challenge), there is an innovation showcase (where we’re asking for people to submit their own innovations for next issue as well as vote on the current shortlist). Plus we want people to send in photos of them with Loop, we want people to use it, to have fun with it and to read it (pretty important that one). We’re looking forward to having conversations with people about it, we guarantee you’ll learn something from it.

Here’s what SabotagePKG ( said about it.

“Every section of Loop was seen as a unique piece of work. With this in mind we at Sabotage set out to work extensively to create every element of the page as a true reflection of content. From the bold and engaging infographics, to the delicate placement of a line; each facet tells its own little story. To create a stimulating journey through the Mintel narrative, each section (‘Innovation’, ‘Consumer’ and ‘Market’) was approached in not only different visual styles, but also a change in paper stock, print and finishes to give a haptic story. And it doesn’t stop there; with the uniquely designed postage envelope, the revelation exceeding all initial expectations.”

Here’s what Mark Terry ( said about it

“Loop takes Mintel into a whole new territory. This is both exciting and challenging. To bring together hundreds of contributors across the world to share in one vision is an accomplishment that everyone should be proud of.

_ _

Much was learned along the way with expertise and enthusiasm coming from all who took part, from the initial ‘big idea’ to the process of designing, writing, editing and crafting something coherent. It might have been anticipated that there would be resistance from some quarters, in that people were being asked to put in extra labour to their day-to-day jobs, but the process proved to be a reflection of a company with a unified and forward-thinking outlook.

_ _

Loop is not so much a publication as an ongoing campaign, the coming months will spawn new content and ideas and more importantly a global conversation involving all. And then it all starts again, or continues