Grant Westbrook
SVP, Global Marketing Director, Mintel

“A Simple Balance for Health” is the most used and read consumer trend on Mintel Inspire at the moment.

healthy living

This means that more of our clients from around the world are looking at this than any other trend.

Maybe that says something about our client base. Maybe it says something about where growth is being seen in the major economies. Perhaps it just highlights the importance of the health and wellness issue to consumer products, services and communications. Whatever’s behind it I thought I’d take a little time to explain the trend.

Wellness has become integrated in, and integral to, consumers lives. Consumers now recognise that healthiness can and should be integrated into the daily routine. It’s health as a way of life, rather than just some half-hearted new year’s resolution.

As a Weight Watchers’ campaign recently stated: “Diet is a four-letter word”.

Although it’s relevant across all demographics it has particular significance for the baby boomer generation and families. We’re also seeing application across lots of consumer sectors. Primarily: beauty; food; drink; leisure; entertainment and travel. It’s a trend we see mainstreaming and has a buzz rating of 4/5. (The Buzz of a trend gauges the noise it is making across the media, business and consumers.) So if it’s a trend you’re not taking note of at the moment you should be.

We are updating this trend with new manifestations almost daily. To read more and get to the data behind the trend you’d have to be a client, or get in touch.

I’ll leave you these poseurs:

Can your brand help consumers make small changes to their daily routine?

Are you able to play the role of the healthy-living coach and facilitator?

People know what they should do. Can you help them actually do it?