Trend Observation: Handbags and the green market

Gucci’s new line of handbags don’t contribute to deforestation and come with a passport that details the life of the cow that was used to make it. The eco versions of Gucci’s Jackie, Hobo, and Tote bags are crafted from cattle treated in an ethical way and raised on Rainforest Alliance-certified ranches, which haven’t contributed to disappearing landscapes. Gucci partnered with Paris fashion week, the National Wildlife Federation, and The Green Carpet Challenge to release the handbags.

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Consumers the world over are increasingly interested in accessing details about the products they buy and the companies they support. We have seen more tools, apps, and marketing material that let individuals learn about how restaurants treat employees, the veracity of claims set forth in an email, and how food items are made. More retailers are getting into the habit of labeling products in such a way as to assure consumers of freshness, quality, and whether or not an item was truly handmade. And more consumers expect companies to operate in responsible ways: According to Mintel’s Marketing to the Green Consumer US April 2012 report, 64% of consumers said they expect companies to be more environmentally friendly. Indeed, we’re seeing more services that let consumers check up on businesses to see how they operate in terms of their impact on the environment and their community. Gucci’s partnership and new product line is a good example of how a brand can provide consumers with the assurance that its products adhere to the rules of good eco behavior. Businesses across industries can benefit from communicating clearly to consumers all the ways they are ensuring quality and eco-responsible operating practices.

For a deep and complete analysis of the current situation of the Green Marketing industry in USA, Mintel published the following market research: Green Industry in US

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