Easynest is a new website that will allow solo travellers to find people to share their hotel room with in order to take advantage of reduced rates.

Users log in using their Facebook profile. They then search for suitable matches and decide whether they like the look of their potential roommate and hotel. If they don’t then they can list their own plans and open them to potential partners.

Share the cost

The stigma once associated with being single is on the decline as this demographic continues to grow in both number and stature across the globe. Indeed, according to Mintel’s Single Lifestyles US February 2012 report 55% of singles say they are happy with their life as it is.

And in recent years we’ve seen the number of products and services targeting these singletons skyrocket: from restaurant concepts to first aid kits and clothing.

And travel is no exception. We’ve seen the launch of single only train carriages – unsurprising as the number of people who travel alone increases.

Similarly, Easynest hopes to make travel more affordable for solo tourists. Rather than having to suffer the added expense of paying a single supplement, this platform provides a way to find a likeminded person to share their room with.

The travel industry would do well to cater to this demographic by making it easier for guests to connect with other travellers, whether to share a room or simply socialise.

For a deep and complete analysis of the current situation of the tourism industry in the UK, Mintel published the following market research: Single Lifestyles in UK.

This is an observation from our Inspire trend The Power of One which looks at how there is no longer any stigma to being single. For the latest trends and observations on Inspire click here.