Trend Observation: Hot or Cold?

According to an article in The Grocer, Sainsbury’s has launched pet food designed to be served either hot or cold. The Delicious Collection caters to both cats and dogs and resembles its human Taste the Difference rangeand uses “only the finest ingredients”. The packaging is microwave-safe, allowing owners to serve the dishes either warmed or cold.

Because they’re worth it

The emotional connection between pets and their owners is getting closer. Indeed, according to Mintel’s Pet Food and Supplies UK March 2012 report, 66% of pet owners say they “treat their pet with as much care as they would a child”. As a result, we’ve seen a blurring of boundaries as companies market to increasingly humanised animals. Sainsbury’s new microwaveable pet food speaks to this demand by offering owners a simple way to alter the taste experience of their animal’s dinner. At the same time, it hopes to appeal to convenience-minded shoppers looking for the best for their furry friend without having to go too far out of their way: According to Mintel’s Pet Food and Supplies UK February 2013 report, 58% of pet owners say they shop for pet food at supermarkets rather than specialist pet stores while 19% say there are not enough gourmet cat and dog foods. This presents opportunities for homeware brands to position their devices as having pet-friendly possibilities. Taking this further, we’re sure to see more brands and businesses bundle pet and human products together, marketing it as a convenient, affordable or fun option.

For a deep and complete analysis of the current situation of the Pet Food industry in the UK, Mintel published the following market research: Pet Food and Supplies in UK

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