I want to be a greeny…you know, the kind of person who only uses energy efficient light bulbs, recycles everything that’s…well…recyclable, and only uses reusable canvas bags when grocery shopping. However, I always buy the cheapest light bulbs, rarely recycle (though I blame this on my building’s lack of a program) and always seem to forget my canvas shopping bags. (sigh…the guilt is setting in as I type this.)

I was reading Mintel’s report on Green Marketing – and it seems like there is a conflict of interest on the green-front. Consumers expect companies to be environmentally ethical and “”go-green”” – however, these same consumers are not willing to pay a premium for green products or services. Sounds like businesses are stuck between a rock and a “”green”” spot.

According to Mintel’s report, concern for the environment is high among Americans, especially those younger than 55. Environmental interest peaks among 25-34s…75% of whom rank the environment among their top concerns. In addition, 79% of those surveyed think it’s important for a company to act ethically when it comes to the environment, but sadly, only 30% are willing to pay more for these products.

Lucky for us, we work in an office that really fosters the go-green movement. Upon my first day at Mintel, I was given a little satchel that had a metal fork, spoon and knife – so we wouldn’t use plastic-ware. I was also given a Mintel water bottle – so as to not buy and waste plastic bottles of water. There are recycle bins for paper scattered throughout the office and instead of water coolers (with plastic containers) we have a water machine with filters. GO MINTEL!

What are you doing to implement a green lifestyle? If you have any ideas for simple changes, post them in the comments section.