According to, market leader in water purification systems Eureka Forbes has introduced a water bottle that doubles up as an on-the-go water purifier called Aquaguard on the Go.

This is a reusable sipper with a purifying cartridge and is aimed at out-of-home consumers like schoolchildren, office-goers, and travellers. Unlike most of Eureka Forbes’ products, Aquaguard on the Go works without electricity. The cartridge in the bottle is said to be able to purify 600 litres of water and needs to be changed twice a year. Aquaguard on the Go is priced at INR595 (£5.74) and each cartridge costs INR450 (£4.34).

Water woes

Water safety and purity in India is a serious problem. Statistics published in the Deccan Herald indicate that 70% of India’s water supply has high quantities of sewage effluents and that the groundwater in a third of India’s 600 districts is not fit for drinking as fluoride, iron, salinity and arsenic are well beyond tolerance levels.

Water filters or purification systems are very common, but these only take care of in-home consumption. Many consumers carry water bottles with them but fill them from sources that may not have clean water; many are also reluctant to spend money on bottled water. Aquaguard on the Go offers the assurance of safe drinking water anywhere and claims that it can make even sewage water drinkable. The initial cost may seem high, but this offers the equivalent of a litre of bottled water for as little as INR1.

Water pollution is a major issue globally as well and innovative methods are being looked at to make water purification cheaper and easier. Aquaguard on the Go uses a nanoparticle-based solution developed in India.

This product also has the added advantage of potentially reducing the amount of plastic waste generated by branded bottled water by encouraging consumers to carry their own bottles, something already happening in other parts of the world.