Cup Of Tea

In the tea category, some of the most unique new innovations are not just offering consumers new flavors, but creating entirely new drinking occasions for tea as well. “Breakfast tea” has been a common tea variety for years, but some tea companies are creating new drinking occasions with products targeted at other specific times of day. Tea Forte Herbal Retreat Teas, for example, are going after the cocktail hour, while the Republic of Tea’s Cuppa Chocolate Teas are designed as dessert drinks.

Certain tea varieties already are strongly associated with specific times of day. Nearly half of US tea drinkers, for example, say freshly brewed hot tea is consumed as a morning beverage. Similarly, more than half of herbal tea drinkers in the UK say they make a good evening drink. The new teas are expanding those associations with references to desserts or to alcohol drinks.

The ability to indulge in sweets is important to consumers who are watching their weight. Nearly three-quarters of US consumers who are trying to manage their diet say it is important to treat themselves occasionally to stay happy. That number is 12% higher for women than men (78% vs. 66%), which offers even further opportunities to target specific consumer groups.

The desire for small dessert items in restaurants speaks to consumers’ need to treat themselves, even if it is just a taste of something decadent. Dessert teas could be paired with these scaled-down items or added to dessert menus as indulgent flavor options that offer a taste of something sweet as an alternative to a full-fledged dessert.