According to an article on the Olive Press, a record number of businesses in Spain have been set up by women over the past five years.

Women currently account for 40% of new business owners. This figure – 800,000 – is double what it was before the onset of the recession.

Start it up

People’s attitudes towards work are changing across the globe. We’ve seen a rise in self-employment driven in part by the economic slowdown, the freedom it offers as well as the reach provided by the Internet.

According to an article on The Local, at present 3 million Spaniards are self-employed, or autónomo, and it seems that it’s the women who are the leading lights of this movement.

This gender bias may be due to a number of issues, such as feeling shut out of private employment or being attracted by the flexibility that self-employment can offer. Indeed, much has been made of the lack of female representation in business. It seems that in Spain, women are setting up shop on their own rather than waiting for the system to change.

But this growth market needs support. It’s here that other brands and businesses can make their mark. Those that offer female-friendly or even female-specific services are sure to be rewarded with the patronage of this demographic.