Grant Westbrook
SVP, Global Marketing Director, Mintel

I’ve just returned from the Financial Services Forum where Toby Clark, Mintel’s Head of Finance Intelligence delivered a presentation on the future for savings.

Its certainly looking bleak out there. Mintels latest research shows that consumers are finding the recovery tougher than the recession. It seems that any changes to consumer finances are going to be increasingly driven by necessity. This in the main being due to budgets being stretched.

Its not all doom and gloom though. On a positive note for savings providers, savings is right at the top of people’s financial priorities. With the search for security and stability far outweighing the interest rate effect.

Toby was also joined on a Q&A panel by: Kevin Mountford, Head of Banking –; Brendan Kearns, Head of Product Management – Savings – Post Office Financial Services and Des McDaid, Marketing Director – ING Direct. This sparked some interesting debate. One question that left me thinking was: “what true non price innovation can there be in the savings market?” I guess whoever has that answer is set to become a very wealthy individual indeed.

If you missed the session today, a webinar on the same subject will be available on Mintel Oxygen soon.

So thanks to Toby and the guys at the FSF for putting on such a great session.

On a slightly different note, do you know of an event or conference that could benefit from having a Mintel speaker? Get in touch if you do, I’m always interested to hear.