Bars and pubs in Scotland are being encouraged to better promote the availability of smaller measures of wine, according to an article on the BBC.

Michael Matheson, the Public Health Minister, has stated that measures of 125ml should be more readily available. He claims that bars and pubs currently only sell wine in measures of either 175ml or 250ml.

“A large glass of wine can contain over three units of alcohol, which is in excess of a woman’s daily recommended intake of alcohol and equivalent to a man’s recommended daily intake…Clearly it is important that people have the ability to choose a smaller measure if they wish and by offering the 125ml measure, businesses are giving their customers the opportunity to drink responsibly.”
– Matheson to the BBC

Just a little

Binge drinking has become a growing problem across the globe thanks in part to rising stress levels, peer pressure and lack of education surrounding alcohol intake.

Indeed, according to Mintel’s Drinking Out of the Home UK July 2013 report, 54% of people say that there should be more information available for people about drinking in moderation.

As a result we’ve seen some innovative products that aim to help make measures clearer: from innovative glassware to moves made by the government . Here, Scotland is hoping to build on this growing need by raising awareness – and access – to smaller measures of alcohol. Normalising these by adding them to pub and bar menus may go some way to helping people gain better control of how much they consume.

There’s potential for this principle to be extended beyond alcohol to help people control their food consumption, both in the home and in restaurants – especially as obesity levels continue to climb.