Delon Wang
Delon is Trends Manager, Asia Pacific at Mintel. He oversees Trends content and Trends client servicing for the region.

Singapore-based ride-hailing company, Grab, has collaborated with Tinder to let users share a ride and find love in Southeast Asia

Grab has teamed up with Tinder to launch a promotional campaign that lets people meet a potential love interest by sharing a ride. It was announced that Grab’s “Meet Your Match” campaign will be launched across five Southeast Asian countries, and will integrate both Grab and Tinder’s social platforms. Several featured Tinder personalities, including social media influencers, models and YouTube stars, will be included for app users to choose as a potential ride-sharing partner. Matches will be selected at random based on demand, with no guarantees of an actual Tinder ride.

Having launched in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines, “Meet Your Match” will roll out in Singapore and Indonesia in April.

Take the time to meet

Southeast Asia is catching up to the rest of the world in terms of mobile connectivity and broadband subscriptions. Indeed, 174 million Indonesians had access to the internet in 2016, an increase of 67% over the previous year, according to Mintel Market Sizes. Similar increases in internet access have taken place in Vietnam.

With easy access to mobile technology, consumers who are on the move are often observed to be using digital devices, reading or watching content online, using social platforms, or communicating with others through text messaging. Findings from a consumer study by Mintel reveal the majority of metro consumers in Indonesia and Thailand own a smartphone, a large number of whom also cite social networking as a key reason for using the internet.

It is also known worldwide that a number of cities in Southeast Asia are placed high in the congestion rankings, like Bangkok and Jakarta. Offering ways for people to connect over long commutes may appeal to many who are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience. This aligns with Mintel Trend “Transumers” that discusses how commutes – as well as the ‘places in between’ – offer new marketing opportunities as consumers are increasingly spending more time in transit.

We’ve seen initiatives that aim to get people to increase their social network. For instance, the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness initiative has seen badges with the words “Happy to chat” being handed out on the London Underground, while in France, Catch Me is a dating app for people to meet on public transport.

As consumers become used to the idea of connecting with others through various means via their smartphones, brands can aim to take this further by offering more ways for people to meet in real life and grow their own personal and professional network.

Delon Wang is the Trends Manager, Asia Pacific at Mintel. He oversees Trends content and Trends client servicing for the region.