The Hamster Wheel Standing Desk was built in San Francisco by Will Doenlen, a developer at Instructables, and Robb Godshaw, an artist-in-residence at fabrication facility Pier 9. The Instructables website posted pictures of the desk along with instructions for how people could build one of their own suited for their height.

Work out while you work

The traditional formality of workplace culture continues to decline as more employers and employees embrace casual atmospheres and dress as office-appropriate. Also considering widespread concerns over the health effects of prolonged sitting, the rising popularity of standing desks makes sense.

We’ve also seen examples of desks that incorporate pedals. More companies are testing the use of mini exercise bikes underneath their desks, for use while seated. This idea has even spread for its green qualities, like powering the electronics that consumers are using while they pedal. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam even installed bike desks for travelers to get in some exercise.

Young people, in particular, seem to emphasize the importance of exercising and having a work/life balance. Mintel’s report American Lifestyles 2014: Looking Forward – US, April 2014 found that, while 49% of all consumers aimed to have a better work/life balance in 2014, that figure jumped to 63% among 18-24s. Likewise, while 53% of all consumers said they wanted to exercise more, that figure rose to 65% among 18-24s.

The renewed desire for casual workplaces does not just affect corporations’ headquarters. It can also influence the types of products that companies create for consumers to use at work, such as bicycle-friendly suits, or the messaging that they use to attract tired workers.