The Kirkenes Snowhotel in northern Norway has begun picking up its guests from the airport on a dog-sled taxi. The journey from Kirkenes airport to the hotel lasts 45 minutes, taking guests through snowy terrain filled with hundreds of reindeer. The hotel’s owner needed to first obtain permission from Norway’s defence services, the local municipality and the wildlife protection agency.

All good things are wild and free

Consumers are spending more of their money on engaging in rich experiences in place of amassing more physical possessions. One major reason for this is that consumers are seeking out experiences that allow them to feel stimulated in a world that has already desensitized them to so much.

When it comes to hotels, we’ve seen consumers opting to stay underwater, underground and “in the woods”. Indeed, adventure travel and tourism is posed to continue growing for years to come, expected to make up 50% of all leisure travel by 2050, according to Mintel’s Sports Tourism Worldwide December 2012 report.

This search for intense, memorable experiences has led to more seniors travelling, new offbeat activities and completely immersive stays ranging from learning about homeless life to travelling with celebrity experts.

Some advertisers are catching on to this desire of the modern consumer. When speaking to the consumer, brands would do well to emphasise the experience that their products can lead to, whether they’re directly facilitating them or just acting as a catalyst.