Mother is a remote sensor system that can attach to household objects and monitor their use.

The system is made up of the Mother, a small, bowling pin-shaped device, and four remote, attachable sensors called “cookies.” The Mother tracks the sensors which can be placed on household objects like toothbrushes, pill bottles, or the refrigerator. Mother then interacts with one of the 15 apps that come with the device that help track household activities: How many times was the toothbrush used? How many times were the pill bottles picked up and opened? When was the refrigerator opened and how long was the door left open?

The basic bundle, consisting of the Mother and four cookies, was available at Las Vegas’ CES for $222. The retail price will likely be higher when Mother becomes available in stores.

Keeping track of your stuff for you

As smart technology advances, we’re seeing more examples of innovation that makes use of it to keep track of our belongings, monitor what we’re cooking, and keep track of and manage the temperature of our homes.

We’re also beginning to see smart sensors that can be attached to analog objects to facilitate this kind of monitoring, tracking, and management.

As consumers become increasingly enamored of technology that can monitor their sleeping habits, their energy use, and even the likelihood that a bar will have the drink they’re craving, the market for this kind of smart system will grow. This potential grows especially when this functionality can be delivered via consumers’ mobile phones.

According to Mintel’s forthcoming Mobile Phones US February 2014 report, 51% of consumers said they use their cell phones in many different ways to get the information they need and 39% said that the extra features of their cell phone are more important than the traditional calling features.

Brands and businesses across categories will benefit from developing innovative apps and products that can be used alongside technology and items that consumers already own and are comfortable using. Introducing new devices in a way that allows for flexible adaptation will serve companies well.