One could call it an uberconvenient idea. Or just inevitable. In what would appear to be a match made in transportation heaven, Google has announced that Google Maps will now include the option for users to choose to get to where they’re going using an Uber ride. When a user is looking up the best route to take between two destinations, Google will provide routes and time estimations to drive, bike, walk, take public transportation..and now, to go by Uber car. A single tap launches the Uber app and calls a black car, giving users the choice to ride in style.

Across markets, ride-sharing services are taking off. On-demand ride services, which differ from cabs and taxis, are also growing in popularity, and Uber fits into this category. According to Mintel’s Mobile Phones US 2014 report, 41% of consumers said they use their smartphones’ GPS regularly and 51% said they use their phones in many different ways to get the information they need.

When it comes to getting around, more apps have been launched that help people figure out the best way to get from point A to point B, whether that’s on bike, on foot , or the safest route by car. Navigation tools like Google Maps have certainly become commonplace, essentially replacing traditional maps for city dwellers.

Integrating the Uber app directly into their mapping system, so that there are no extra steps needed to call the car, means that consumers are likely to opt for this option when they’re in a hurry or they just feel like treating themselves. Combining apps and integrating search tools with immediate solutions is a great way for brands to reach consumers exactly when they might be needed the most.

For more information on Mintel’s Mobile Phones 2014 report, click here.

Carli Gernot is Mintel’s Senior Trends Analyst, who examines the story of larger trends through sociocultural and socio-economic behaviors.