There’s absolutely no denying the fact that people like videos, especially YouTube videos.

The problem with brands simply putting their ad (or brand) on YouTube is that in 30 seconds, a minute, sometimes 2 minutes, the ad ends. The opportunity to further engage consumers also ends.

Videos are incredibly powerful ways to communicate, but they’re not great at being interactive. That it until a brand does it right.

A video by Coca-Cola, “Unlock the Secret Formula,” steps beyond being a flat, video. As people watch the video, they can click on “keyhole bottles” to unlock secrets.

When the click on a bottle, a new tab/window opens and part of the story is unveiled. Instead of a 30-second spot, there’s an engaging story, using different media, helping to create something that goes well beyond a flat, boring, simple, dime a dozen online video promotion.

This ad shows once again that the technology is available to help brands create very unique experiences. And it fits with the rule that seems to dominate the internet – if you’re interesting, people will watch.