Chinese online live-streaming site NetEase CC recently rolled out a documentary campaign encouraging people to start their own ventures by hosting live-streaming shows on CC.

The documentary features five stories of young people pursuing their dreams while striving to make a living in Beijing. The five protagonists of the documentary are realizing their dreams by hosting live-streaming shows of all kinds ranging from online gaming to singing and dancing. The main theme of the documentary campaign is to encourage average young men and women to follow their dreams and start their own ventures on NetEase CC in order to achieve success and self-actualization.

Life on live-streaming

With easier access available to increasing amounts of new video content on Chinese video hosting platforms, Chinese consumers are growing more discerning with the content quality and are expecting to see more original and creative content. Indeed, according to Mintel’s Online Media Consumption Habits China 2015 report, 36% of consumers have watched videos or programs produced by video streaming websites. User-created video, especially via a live-streaming format, is growing more and more popular among young Chinese audiences. Thus, we expect to see more young content creators and businesses like NetEase in China which support original content creations online.

Brands and organisations around the world are creating opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded people to make a living and achieve their dreams in a variety of ways. For example, The Wynwood Yard is a culinary incubator and community hub for Miami’s food, culture, design and fitness entrepreneurs, Paris has announced the €200 million development of Halle Freyssinet to attract 1,000 tech entrepreneurs from inside and outside France and Artable is a WeChat-based platform that helps artists and designers sell art more easily in China.

With the rapid growth of video platforms, content, and viewership in China, Chinese consumers are going to be harder to please. There are opportunities for video live-streaming platforms to provide good content by recruiting content creators with unique personalities. The potential for the video live-streaming market still remains to be tapped into and looking ahead a bit further, user-generated VR live-streaming could become the next big thing in this sector.

Philix Liu is a Trends Analyst for the APAC region and is based in Shanghai. His area of focus includes innovation, creative marketing campaigns, new design and other trends related content. He also helps inspire brands and agencies on-site to innovate in the APAC region.