Iliana Alvarenga
Iliana Alvarenga is the Trends Analyst for North America at Mintel. She identifies and examines relevant and emerging consumer trends across all categories.

Netflix is launching a podcast that will provide listeners with more insight into its original documentaries. The podcast – known as You Can’t Make This Up – dives deeper into various Netflix documentaries and features a panel of podcasters, comedians, journalists and documentary creators. The goal is to address questions that are left lingering after viewing a documentary.

Never enough to binge

Even with information available at every turn, there is still a culture of never feeling like there is enough to satisfy one’s own curiosity. Podcasts have gained attention as a media resource that focus on a very specific area of interest or a more broad cultural event. Young consumers are a core target for podcasts; 45% of US consumers aged 18-23 find podcasts informational, while in the UK 58% of 16-24-year-olds have listened to a podcast in the three months to February 2018, according to Mintel research. In many ways, podcasts fill a niche for providing in-transit content for a daily commute, and from a global perspective this provides a key opportunity for Netflix.

More brands, and even government-based organisations, are realising the power podcasts have for reaching people. MasterCard launched a podcast to discuss the future of money, and the US’s Environmental Protection Agency has turned to podcasts to connect with engaged consumers. By extending into podcasts, Netflix is looking beyond the binge watch in order to capture the immediate point of interest that follows.