Whilst baby changing is often a chore many parents are keen to grow out of, a new smartphone-friendly device has been launched that attempts to take on the task.

The Smart Peepee, launched in China, is a moisture detector that can be attached to a diaper. The Smart Peepee then sends a reminder to parents’ phones when their baby needs a change.

The product was developed by a startup called Geekid in Shenzhen and raised more than RMB50,000 on Taobao’s crowdfunding platform by March 1st, 2015. The button-size device weighs only 6.6g and can be easily attached to the bottom of a baby’s diaper with a Velcro tab.

Smart Peepee works by detecting the moisture level of the diaper and sending a reminder via the accompanying smartphone app, it saves parents from having to frequently check on their baby’s diaper and helps prevent diaper rash. After learning the baby’s urination pattern, this device can also help with potty training by suggesting a training schedule.

Helping busy parents

According to Mintel’s Marketing to Families China 2014 report, young parents in their twenties are more likely to be juggling home and work responsibilities. As such, 54% of this cohort say that they are more likely to pay more attention to time management compared to the same time the previous year.

New parents are keener on things that save them time. From convenient baby food solutions to mobile apps and portable devices that help them with childcare or services that offer them a short period of peace, anything that could make their life easier is highly appreciated.

Time management has always been a key issue for families with children since having children often means that parents have very little time for other things. This provides opportunities for businesses across categories to develop products and services that empower new parents and help them gain control and find a healthy balance between children’s needs and their own.

Mintel’s Manger for Trends – Europe, Catherine works at the forefront of detecting trends, innovations and consumer behaviour from across the globe and manages a team of contributors in the Asia-Pacific region. She has provided comments on topical issues and events from a Trends perspective for a number of media outlets and publications including BBC Radio 4ʼs Today programme, the Financial Times and Women & Home.