The war on childhood obesity is a hard fight that requires increasingly creative strategies.

These days, getting our kids to eat healthy is an increasingly in-demand and yet unexpectedly complicated undertaking. Parents, school districts and community groups nationwide are scratching–and also butting–heads as they try to decide just how to slim down our nation’s malnourished, overfed youth. Although there is a White House-led war on childhood obesity spearheading the movement, communities as a whole are still somewhat underwhelmed with solutions.

As adults continue to come to terms with new demands for their own health, they are realizing how difficult it can be to uproot unhealthy eating patterns that have become embedded in our current culture. And it’s not just a matter of prevalent junk food-chocked vending machines or widespread tendencies to resort to less than nutritious foods. Some argue that kids raised in healthy households–and also surrounded by positive eating reinforcements outside the home–will still spring for junk food when they get the chance.

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