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Given the advancements in modern medicine and a keen focus on health and wellness, global populations are expected to grow significantly older over the next half century, giving new meaning and new life to the concept of healthy ageing. Meanwhile, the working population is expected to shrink, which could have a negative effect on how seniors are cared for in their later years. Mintel’s expert analysts discuss the wider societal changes that will need to be addressed in order to properly care for an ageing population, including the role that brands play. Listen now as they ask and answer the questions: What does healthy ageing look like for middle-aged consumers vs. those that are well into their ageing lifecycle? How will increased automation technology create new brand opportunities?


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Matthew Crabbe (host)
Director of Mintel Trends, APAC


Richard Cope
Senior Trends Consultant, EMEA


Stephanie Mattucci
Associate Director, Food Science, Americas


Pongpera Mitradarmbidhaks
Senior Research Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care, Thailand