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If ‘comparison is the thief of joy’, social media provides fertile ground for the crime. The addictive nature of social media platforms, combined with 24/7 access to people’s (seemingly) perfect lives, creates a perfect storm of self-doubt, anxiety, FOMO and loneliness. From Instagram’s trial of removing likes, to Pinterest suggesting wellbeing exercises, social media brands are starting to look after their community. At the same time, the concept of digital detox has emerged as a way for consumers to take a break from their smartphones. In this episode, we discuss if this presents a threat to social media and tech companies and why different generations may be more or less likely to digital detox.



Dana Macke (host)
Associate Director of US Lifestyles & Leisure Reports

Diana Kelter
Senior Trend Analyst, Americas

Sara Nettesheim
Social Media Analyst, US

Helen Fricker
Trends Manager, EMEA