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The focus of today’s episode is the global food and drink industry – one hit particularly hard by COVID-19. Our experts focus their discussion on three ways food and drink companies and brands are adapting. With certain health conditions making some more susceptible than others to the coronavirus, consumers are looking for ways to boost immunity, presenting opportunities for brands to reinvigorate product innovation strategies. Meanwhile, some brands are shutting down production in order to retool their manufacturing processes to create much-needed masks, hand sanitisers, and medical devices. Finally, the once-neglected centre aisles of the grocery store are now very attractive to consumers, reintroducing them to products with a long shelf life and the ingredients used in home cooking.


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Edward Bergen (host)
Global Food and Drink Analyst


Marcia Mogelonsky
Director of Insight, Mintel Food and Drink, Americas


Jodie Minotto
Research Manager, Mintel Food and Drink, Asia Pacific


Rick Miller
Associate Director, Specialised Nutrition