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The pandemic has altered a lot about how people live, but also where they live. Lockdowns, restrictions, and indefinite work-from-home policies are forcing consumers to change their behaviours which is accelerating timelines and expanding the realm of possibility of where home is. When it comes to cities and how they are used, the consumer mindset is changing. In this week’s episode, futurists and consumer trend strategists discuss whether or not the concept – and fundamental appeal – of a city centre is now obsolete, how cities must evolve to meet new demands from consumers, communities, and economies, and the opportunities this creates for brands to assume bigger roles in consumers’ lives. If the concept of home is expanding to include work, then will cities revert back to being hubs for entertainment, learning, and play? Listen now to find out.


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Elysha Young (host)
Trends Manager, APAC


Richard Cope
Senior Trends Consultant, EMEA


Diana Kelter
Senior Trends Analyst, Americas


Matthew Crabbe
Director of Mintel Trends, APAC